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Green Thread

Face of Our Social Responsibility

Protecting the Earth's Resources for Future Generations

ARAMARK Higher Education has a deep respect for and commitment to protecting and improving our planet earth. We work to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional operational results. We strive to develop innovative environmental stewardship programs within the areas of Sustainable Food; Green Buildings; Blue Cleaning; Waste Stream Management; Responsible Procurement; Energy and Water Conservation; and Transportation.

This commitment, our Green Thread™ program, weaves throughout our business operations every day. Our promise to positively affect change in the environment is called Green Stakes™. As part of our environmental stewardship platform, we develop unique solutions for our clients that align with their mission.

ARAMARK Higher Education is committed to:

  • Implement an Energy and Water Conservation
  • Purchase only Paper Products with Recycled Content
  • Use only Daily Green Cleaning Products
  • Divert 100% of our Fryer Oil Waste
  • Increase our level of Sustainable Food purchases by 5% per year

The environmental and social impact of the Green Stakes commitments includes:

  • Reduction of approximately 170 million pounds of emissions through implementation of energy and water conservation programs -- equivalent to the annual emissions from 14,744 passenger vehicles
  • Conversion of $25 million of paper products to recycled content paper products, supporting closed-loop waste management processes
  • Utilization of all daily green cleaning products, aligning with green cleaning standards outlined in U.S. Green Building Council's LEED programs, improving indoor environmental health for our customers and employees
  • Diversion of 100% of nearly 500,000 gallons of fryer oil purchased, resulting in a reduction of approximately 3.5 million pounds of emissions, or the carbon sequestered by 40,000 trees grown for 10 years
  • Increase sustainable food purchasing by 28%

ARAMARK has been a tireless proponent of Trayless Dining, having conducted the industry's most comprehensive study of its benefits.

In 2012, ARAMARK Higher Education served 201 Million meals with an estimated 85% of all dining accounts having implemented the trayless initiative. This translates into over 20.8 million lbs of food waste diverted from landfills. Another way to look at this is in terms of avoided Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions:

  • A change in GHG emissions of 7196 (MTCO2), or
  • Equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 1,499 passenger cars, or
  • The carbon sequestered annually by 5,898 acres of pine or fir forest.